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Joshua Mansour, M.D.

Bone Marrow Transplant & Cellular Immunotherapy
City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center
Kaiser Permanente
Los Angeles, CA

Joshua Mansour MD, is a graduate from Vanderbilt University where he completed his undergraduate degree in Psychology and Spanish and was a Chancellor Scholar.  After graduating, he spent a brief time in finance, but missed the continued patient interaction he had developed and had grown to love.  He had spent many years volunteering in health care prior, in such activities as volunteer interpreter at an underserved clinic, and as student advisor at Camp Okawehna for children suffering from renal failure, among other hospitals and clinics.  It was also during that time he co-founded Greatest Gift Inc, a non-profit organization aimed at helping spread awareness about organ donation, that continues throughout medical schools and communities across the country today.  This desire to be at the forefront of patient care continue to echo stronger.  He wanted to continue to help patients as they battled a variety of illnesses and offer support during their weakest moments and therefore enrolled and attended Ross University School of Medicine where he obtained his medical degree.

Upon graduation, Dr. Mansour pursued an Internal Medicine residency at the Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents University.  He chose to specialize in IM because an Internist plays a vital role as the patient advocate, engaging with an array of specialists and medical teams, to manage the progress of each patient.  During his time in residency he dedicated much of his time to patient care and research where he helped implement clinic trials and phase one studies with their cancer center, help write grant proposals for continued research, and took on the role as a clinical investigator.  He has written several abstracts, journal publications in major medical journals, and given oral presentations on his work.  Throughout this time, he continued to volunteer throughout the community, using his fluency in Spanish, to help the underserved Latina community in Augusta, mentor medical students and residents with the American College of Physicians, and serve on the AIBM committee to help analyze and develop teaching goals for an improved board pass rate among colleagues.  He was awarded a superior resident achievement award and went on to the Medical University of South Carolina to do a fellowship in hematology and oncology and pursue his passion.

While at the Medical University of South Carolina he continued to mentor others through various organizations nationally and locally as well as work with medical students at campuses on Greatest Gift. He worked closely with the Hematologic Malignancies Department and Bone Marrow Transplant Centers of each institution developing further research, and writing abstracts and publications, which compelled him to further immerse himself in the dynamic field of bone marrow transplantation.  Here he was also named Chief Fellow for the 2017 – 2018 year. 

After completion of that fellowship, Dr. Mansour then became board certified in both Hematology and Oncology, in addition to medicine previously, and went on to Stanford University to pursue yet another fellowship in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation and Cellular Immunotherapy. He works on halting the patients’ disease process with early intervention and consolidated effort to give them the best chance for survival.  With the numerous new medical trials and innovative cellular immunotherapies, the progress has been significant and continues to evolve at an accelerated rate the last few years. Dr. Mansour hopes to continue to expand on his involvement in patient care and clinical research throughout the community.  With the rapid advancement of cellular immunotherapy and CAR-T cell therapy, he would like to utilize the knowledge and experience he has gained to help patients with disease refractory to initial therapy.  The interpersonal, academic and research aspects of bone marrow transplantation and cellular immunotherapy continues to fascinate Dr. Mansour and he hopes to make significant contributions to the field of hematology/oncology and the scientific community as a whole.